"Buy It or Build It? Organic Growth vs. M&A"

"Buy It or Build It? Organic Growth vs. M&A"
Presented by Allan KoltinKoltin Consulting Group

This is an age old question... one that can be answered many different ways based upon the economy, market, firm conditions and, well, your level of patience! Allan has spent his career working in the organic growth end of the CPA profession, but has also been involved in hundreds of firm mergers and lateral hires. Based upon his knowledge, he will share with you the key components in the decision-making process and how to determine if your firm should focus on building an infrastructure based upon organic growth or invest in another firm or individual with an existing book of business. You'll learn:
- The Importance of Clearly Defining Goals and Strategy 
- Assessing the Opportunity & the Market 
- The Geographic and Industry Specific Considerations 
- What Infrastructure and Organization Have to Do with It 
- How Your Partner Group's Demographic and Psychographics Factor In


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