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Social Security Options Software Webinars

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Marc Kiner
Marc Kiner

Good Sunday Morning to all,

We get lots of questions from advisors regarding software that is available to prepare Social Security options.  To help advisors we have invited representatives from various software companies to participate in webinars over the next few months.  Schedule and link to register are below:  (Times ET)

February 28        1:30        Social Security Solutions

March 17             1:00        NSSA Update          

March 27             1:00        ClientFirst Financial   

April 1                   4:00        Social Security Solutions

April 9                   3:00        Social Security Explorer

April 10                 3:00        Social Security Timing

April 18                 11:00     NSSA Update           

June 5                   11:00    Maximize My SS         



June 12                 3:00        Social Security Timing


June 16                 12:00     NSSA Update            

June 26                  3:00      Maximize My SS        


Also, listed are National Social Security Advisor updates and a webinar to introduce ClientFirst Financial.  ClientFirst Financial helps adviisors accelerate and enhance Social Security marketing effectiveness as well provide practice management & technology tools.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about available software.  Please join us to learn about the various software options and marketing Social Security services.

Also attached is a schedule of National Social Security Advisor classes scheduled during 2014.  Please join us and learn Social Security thereby increasing your value to your clients.

Have a great Sunday!



Marc Kiner, CPA NSSA


Download Attachment (Schedule_-_2014_-_PDF_Version.xlsx)


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