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How can the FALS Group be of most benefit to you?

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Jeff Moore, CPA/CFF, CFE, CIRA
Jeff Moore, CPA/CFF, CFE, CIRA

This group was launched to provide a virtual gathering spot for any iShade member having an interest in the field of forensic accounting and litigation services (FALS), regardless of their experience/knowledge. The hope and expectation is that knowledge-sharing, networking, alliance-building, and business referrals will grow as new members join and participate in posting and responding to the group's announcements, discussion topics, resources, and events.

As things are getting kicked off, your input is very important. Please take a minute and submit your ideas as to how the FALS group can be of most benefit to you. What topics do you want to see addressed? Are you interested in members posting engagement and practice-administration tools, templates, and white papers? Would you be interested in periodic conference calls, webcasts, or other events in which FALS topics can be discussed? Would you like to be involved in planning and administering the growth of the group? What other ideas and suggestions do you have?


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