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Accountants and LinkedIn: Oil & Water? No!

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Rob Nance
Rob Nance

Efficient use of networking and business relationship building time is important to nearly every accountant across America.  Whether that person is a CPA, EA or controller at a plastics manufacturer, today’s busy accountant must maximize his/her work hours.  I’ve been hearing so many positive stories from accountants the last couple of years regarding their use of LinkedIn and how it’s helped them open doors.  Business people are taught in the first year of university business classes to “find that common ground” with other business people, which can set the stage for development of a mutually-beneficial ebb and flow.  LinkedIn can help you find that "common ground" (or lack of it).

Set aside a small block of LinkedIn time—even 15 minutes—twice a week.  You’ll be amazed at the doors that can open with a dedicated effort.  Like baseball, you won’t get a hit every time up at the plate, but with a focused attack, it will be worth your time.


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