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Unscrupulous Tax Scammers Hit All-Time Low, Target Seniors and Immigrants (A bilingual blog post)

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Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA
Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA

Tax time is tax scam time and I think we’d all agree that it is once again the perfect time to remind clients, friends, family and other taxpayers to be wary of the many schemes scammers are using to lure taxpayers into disclosing personal and financial information. One particular tax scam that has been getting a lot of attention recently involves a phone scam where scammers impersonate IRS employees, demand payment of “taxes due” and threaten victims with license revocations, arrest and deportation. Because of the manner in which this telephone scam is carried out, seniors and immigrants are particularly vulnerable. I discuss this phone scam in my most recent post for As a Latina tax professional and because of my desire to inform Spanish speaking taxpayers about this scam, I also felt it was important to write this post in both English and Spanish.  You can read my new AllBusiness Experts blog post, "Unscrupulous Tax Scammers Hit All-Time Low, Target Seniors and Immigrants" at the following link:



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