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Social Security COLA Adjustments for 2014

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Marc Kiner
Marc Kiner

Good morning to all iShade Members,

The Social Security administration recently released Cost-of-Living adjustments for 2014.  Attached is the complete list of changes.  I have highlighted adjustments of interest below:

  • Benefit increase - 1.5%
  • Maximum taxable earnings - $117,000
  • Quarter of coverage - $1,200
  • Annual earnings test under FRA - $15,480
  • Annual earnings test year FRA is reached - $41,400
  • Average monthly benefit for all retirees - $1,294

We will be attending the Columbus CPA Show on November 14, 15.  In addition to being an exhibitor, we are speaking on Social Security at 8:30 on November 14th.  Please attend our presentation if you are attending the accounting show.

I look forward to meeting iShade members while in Columbus.  Please vist us at booth #14.  

As always, please call 513-351-5707 or e-mail with any questions.



Marc Kiner, iShade Faculty, NSSA

Download Attachment (Social_Security_COLA_adjustments_2014.pdf)


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