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Using tax and accounting apps?

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Rob Nance
Rob Nance


Sylvia F. Dion (@SylviaDionCPA) commented on Using tax and accounting apps?

Rob, I just caught this topic on your twitter feed, and it immediately caught my eye because I am an APP FANATIC! On one hand, it's surprising to hear that a meager 12.23% of CPAs who responded to the Practice Advisor poll use tax and accounting APPs, but on the other hand, from what I've read, the accounting and law professions (as a whole) lag behind other professions (e.g., marketing, sales) in embracing social media - and if you include APPS as somewhat of a form of social media, that's understandable.

But there are many great tax and accounting APPs out there - I actually I wrote a post in February called "Smart Tax Apps for Your Smartphone",, 2/28/11, in which I reviewed a few of them (I hope to write an update post for the iShade blogs soon). Here's are some of my favorites, some of which I access daily: BNA Quick Tax Reference App (BNA-developer); 2011 Tax Reference App (2012 most likely available now or soon - Palmer Financial LLC-developer); TaxCaster (TurboTax-developer); CCH Tax News Highlights App (CCH-developer); Tax News App (JKD-developer); AccountingToday (Texterity, Inc.-developer); Reuters NewsPro (Thompson Reuters-developer). Plus, there are a few others I've installed, tested and un-installed, like SnapTax (TurboTax-developer) and IRS2Go (IRS-developer). Though these aren't resident on my phone now, I thought I'd mention them too. (Note, these are all available on the Android Market.)

Anyway, great topic! I'm looking forward to seeing what Apps others are using because, like I said, I'm an APP FANATIC!


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