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How is your firm or company using social media to increase business?

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Rob Nance
Rob Nance

Can you point to specific occurrences or situations? Please share!

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Craig Weeks
Craig Weeks

Genrally, I think the jury is out in terms of how accountants and other professional service providers can effectively utilize social media to promote their practices. 

However, I do know of one instance where it HAS been used very productively.  An accountant in Texas decided to weigh in on a local taxation issue, both for reasons of belief in her point of view and because she wanted greater visibility in her market area.  Taking up the gauntlet, she began advocating her viewpoints via letters to the editor, speaking at local government meetings, etc.  Nothing much happened ... she wasn't getting heard.

Frustrated with her inability to reach a broader audience, she launched a passionate campaign with social media ... twitter, Facebook and a single-purpose bare-bones informational website with links to her social media, e.g. "follow me on ... "

She began getting hundreds of "hits" and her arguments found a broader audience.  Importantly, she always signed her postings:  "(name) A Local CPA Who Cares About Our Community."

Her side lost the taxation argument.  However, she had so many people call her to talk about her doing their accounting work that she had to turn people away!

So, I think the rule is that in all liklihood most people probably don't care enough about their accountant or accounting in general to want to engage in ongoing social media activity.  But, wrap your social media-based personal marketing campaign around an issue people have passion about, and you can ride social media connectivity to higher visibility and more business from like-minded prospects.

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