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U.S. House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Bob Goodlatte, Issues Internet Sales Tax Principles: MFA Progress or Simply Back to Square One?

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Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA
Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA

By now most everyone has heard that after several months of relative silent, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte last Wednesday, 9/18, released the Judiciary Committee’s Principles for Remote Sales Tax.  There’s been no shortage of articles on this development, which isn’t surprising since the House was yet to make a formal statement on what action it would take even though it had been months since the MFA was referred to the Judiciary Committee. But what do these principles really mean? Are they any different than what the Chairman has stated in the past? But more importantly, what do they mean for the future of the Marketplace Fairness Act or for any piece of federal remote seller legislation that must pass through the House Judiciary Committee.  In my new post for SalesTaxSupport’s Issues, Insights and Ideas blog, I report on this development and share my own thoughts.

If you advise clients that are concerned with the potential enactment of the Marketplace Fairness Act, or have sales tax responsibilities for your company, I invited you to read my latest post:

Remote Sales Tax: MFA Progress – or Simply Back to Square One?


(Note: SalesTaxSupport's Issues, Insights and Ideas blog is one of the many wonderful blogs on iShade)


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