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Five Things SMBs (and businesses of all sizes) Should Know About State Tax Nexus

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Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA
Sylvia F. Dion, MPA, CPA

Ask me what one of the biggest concerns SMBs (actually businesses of any size) have when it comes to state taxes and I would have to answer it’s whether they have “nexus” in states other than their home state. But because states are enacting laws which aggressively define what activities create nexus, many business owners are surprised that their minimal or not-so-obvious activities in a state have created nexus for one type of state tax or another.

In my most recent "AllBusiness Experts" post, I write about how some very typical business practices - which may not appear to create an obvious connection to a state - can indeed create nexus and a requirement to pay corporate income, franchise or other business taxes and/or collect the state's sales tax. I invite you to read my new AllBusiness Experts post, "Five Things SMBs Should Know About State Tax Nexus"


I'd also love to hear the iShade community's questions and comments. Are your clients surprised to find out that their minimal activity in a state has created state tax nexus.




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